Our Story

Divine Hearts Foundation was established in September 2013 by Benjamin Musasizi who at the time was an independent community worker and youth leader with The United Methodist Church in East Africa. Benjamin’s ministry started by helping one disabled boy (Miracle) that lived in his neighborhood but found that the need was greater than just helping this boy get medical care and education. His family needed food and other basic needs. “I later learned that this was a similar story to many more families mostly in the rural areas experiencing similar difficulties thus creating a platform where we could journey with other interested people, companies and organizations as partners of transformation. Miracle’s situation touched my heart and reminded me of the many orphans and vulnerable children, and the single parents that languish in pain and deep poverty. I felt it was time that I stood up to make a difference.” stated Benjamin.

Through the support from friends and partnerships around the world we are now able to drill boreholes for the provision of clean and safe water, sponsor a child to enable them get an education and feed families that are suffering with hunger. Our programs facilitate hope and enable us reduce the burden of poverty among the less privileged. We believe in equal opportunity and equity, as such we invest in Children’s potential and provide them with an opportunity to grow up healthy, educated, prepared to succeed. In this way we contribute to society as disciples of Jesus Christ and as responsible citizens of the world. come journey with us.