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Focusing on marginalized people living in rural and semi-urban communities in Uganda

Our programs focus on marginalized people living in rural and semi-urban communities in Uganda with an approach of one community at a time thereby ensuring their medical care, social welfare needs, social protection, Education and life skills development to enable them become self-reliant.


Raising funds for Clean & Safe water
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Become a Volunteer

We facilitate several life-changing opportunities for those who would like to volunteer both as individuals and as a team. Choose one of the options below, to volunteer and contact us when you're ready. Individual Individuals are invited to volunteer with Divine Hearts. Applications are accepted based on current opportunities. Contact our office on email: care@divineheartsug.org for more infor-mation. A person can form a group of people with similar interests to come and volunteer with us.

Donate to a project

Your generosity allows us to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable children and families in Uganda. Lives are transformed, relationships are restored, & communities are changed because of your generosity. The easiest way to donate is online. You can donate to specific or ongoing projects monthly or one time. To mail in a check, please make checks out to “Divine Hearts Foundation” and note the intended purpose of the donation in the memo section of your check; for instance: “monthly water-well” Student Sponsor” etc… then mail to: Divine Hearts Foundation (DHF) P. O. Box 72 Burtonsville, Md 20866

Sponsor a Child

Education is key to breaking the poverty cycle When you invest in Education you aren’t just changing lives – you’re changing the future. We therefore seek to increase access to education and improve child well-being. When you sponsor a child, you enable them to get an education. Each child can have multiple sponsors to give them holistic care that every person needs to thrive. With a gift of $114 you can sponsor a primary school child for a school term and $342 for a school year

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Innovation Means Better Care of Homeless People

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Let’s Start your Donation Causes
Healping Donation changes everything.


Our Child Sponsorship program helps children living under our care and disadvantaged region
where we work escape poverty by paying for their education and financially supplementing the
communities in which they live
Using your donations, we identify the causes of the child’s poverty and vulnerability, and we
create development projects designed to address them.
We work with local families, community groups, and governments to break the cycle of poverty
and create long-term change.
All children in the community benefit from improved healthcare, education, water sanitation and

As a child sponsor, you’ll get:
1. A folder containing your sponsored child’s photo and personal details, information about your
sponsored child’s community, and more
2. Annual progress reports showing the health and educational status of your sponsored child,
and the achievements the community has made with your support
3. Regular editions of our Impact Report
4. A personal connection with your sponsored child through letters, e-letters, cards and photos